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Quick question on bike prep - CBR600RR

Started by bock919, February 03, 2020, 09:25:58 AM

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Greetings! This coming season will be my first season racing and I'm trying to get things in order. I have a question regarding number placement that I struggled with a bit having read the rules. I've attached an image of my bike for reference. Based on the fairing size/shape, can I use a single number plate in front and another on the rear, or do I need two on the rear fairing and additional side plates? Bike is a 2007 CBR600RR.

Woofentino Pugrossi

Front number plate has to be in the center. If you have an air duct in the middle, you can put it to the side but MUST be on the side of the scoring tower for the track. You can put the number plate above the duct and into the windscreen also if theres room if you don't want to play front plate leap frog.

Rear plate(s) either one on each side or 1 across the tail readable from standing behind the bike. Single tail number plate needs side number plates on the side fairings and cant be blocked by riders legs.

Side fairing number plates not required if you do one on each side of the tail like has been done for ages.
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Here is a thread ( a little old ) about number plates. 

I retired from racing a decade ago, so I won't swear there have been no changes since then.  But it should give you some ideas.


That thread was actually a good read. I went ahead and put in an order for two tail plates and a single front plate. Thanks folks!


NICE photo.   Who did it?
And where?  Looks like a track-day.

Super Dave

Super Dave


Quote from: Biketographer on February 04, 2020, 06:27:22 PM
NICE photo.   Who did it?
And where?  Looks like a track-day.

Track day at Putnam Park in Indiana. I'm fairly sure Joseph Hansen shot that one. That track is pretty fun. I don't think they do bike races there, but it's a blast for track days.