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Started by Biketographer, September 11, 2019, 03:33:43 PM

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Today, I quadrupled the size limits for photo attachments.   Disk space is much cheaper than when this forum was created in 2001.  Also, most people have fairly decent internet speeds, so we don't have to worry about it taking an hour to view a hi-res photographs. 

You may now upload images up to 2048 kB each and up to a total of 8192 kB per post.   How big is 2048 kB?  That's 2 megaByte.  How big of an image is that?  Well, the fullsize image below was created as a "100% quality" jpg and it is less than 800 kB.

While testing these changes, I reuploaded this image (from post Photos Homestead May 2017) and I noticed something I never saw before.

Click on the image to view it 'full size'.  Then look closely at the front tire of the rider in front.

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Oh, he did not go down....   

But I had good timing for that shot (and it was all luck :-)
Look under the front tire.....


there is some heat distortion in the photo...I wonder if it's just distorting where the tire would be.
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Very observant, spoot.
There is always a practical limit to 'telephoto' photography due to air turbulence / temperature gradients (think "mirage").  I went to Sebring once to photograph the 12 hour car race, - and discovered that a long lens was not all that usefull because of the heat output from those race-cars adding to the heat from the sun on the track.  Anything of significant distance away I could not get a great photo.

But in this photo, there clearly (to me) is daylight between the bottom of the front tire and the asphalt.     

I think this is more common in flat-tracking and motocross, but sure is nice to see it in road-racing.   When I raced speedway, I loved pulling 'wheelies' while bent over in turn 2 or 4.