CCS Forum was unable to send emails. FIXED

Started by Biketographer, March 13, 2019, 06:54:16 PM

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FIXED  :ahhh:
Site is now able to send email  :boink:
Dr. Joseph Barbay at Southern Illinois University repeatedly told me
Quote"computers ARE better than people; they have infinite patience.  They will let you make the same mistake 1,000,000 times and never complain."

Forum can not send email at this time.
Registrations will not get an email.
'PM's will not send an email to the other user,  but you can send a 'pm.'   They just won't know they got one unless they log in.
I have been pulling my hair out over this all week, but it's time to go to Daytona.
I will resume work on it when I return.
Good news is 'attachments' is working well.

I have so far implemented about half of my spammer-fighting techniques.  I hope that makes life a lot easier on our moderators.