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Why CCSforum is right for you?

Started by AlanDewey, March 10, 2019, 10:20:58 PM

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RE: facebookIN an article about Facebook....
QuoteEdison`s survey signal that the social network`s privacy woes and continued breaches of user trust may be having some noticeable effect on its most coveted slice of users. Also, there`s conjecture about as Facebook has become more popular among older people, whether that`s affected younger people," The Verge reported on Thursday.
QuoteLast month, Facebook reportedly decided to put an end to its unpaid market research programmes after it was found to have been bribing teenagers in India and the US to give their personal information.
more at: Facebook losing users
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Facebook creeps me out.

  • suggesting who I should be friends with
  • companies begging for me to like them
  • uuuhmmm, privacy?
  • Monetize the F out of your entire life
Instagram is a little less of that and that's why it's growing but it's only a matter of time til Facebook finds a way to F that up too.

As long as a forum will allow attachments, we don't need instagram either.


A couple years ago I got this from fazebook.   They discovered that I gave a wrong birthdate when I signed up.

  • How did they find out?
  • Why do they care?
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I found an interesting web service to reduce the amount of tracking by facebook and more than 100 other advertising companies.
I activated this today and I will wait a week or 3 to see how much, if any, difference it makes.
I also have learned that most people are unaware that facebook tracks you and sells your internet behaviour even if you do not, or never have, used facebook.
Underwater photography instructor
ex-road racer
ex-speedway racer


Opt out of ads, "might" work...for those companies. But, leaked info from any of them gets leaked and sold over and over.

An Ad blocker keeps ads from being displayed, but tracking cookies and browser history are still collected for data miners.
A 'hosts' file can also block any data from going to tracking sites, so that might help as well.

But, all in all...if your 'browser' is free....IT ISN'T.
If your O/S if free...IT ISN'T.
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I should have been at work today, but I wasn't.    I just read a topic here on CCS forum with 179 replies.   Nearly every one of them was very interesting, and the replies were carefully thought out and explained.   Proof that the racers and racer-related people here on are rather intelligent.

Much of that topic is still relevant today; re: canceled Homestead etc.
I have NEVER seen an intelligent conversation on facebook.   I occasionally see something intelligent, but 100% the replies are all from 3rd graders. 
When in traffic:  "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" or, just a simple mistake.