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Author Topic: Classifieds guidelines and rules...NO BUMPING!..(Please read before posting ads)  (Read 653 times)

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1. Please place commercial based ads (ie dealers) in the Commercial Classifieds

2. Please put your location (state code is plenty) in the title. Ie "2004 Kota R/T 5S - WI". I find that helps both potential buyers AND the sellers. Not required, but highly recommended.

3. Pics help ALOT. You can upload them by clicking "Additional Options" right under the text box.

4. NO BUMPING. Dont reply with "ttt", "bump" or any other ultra short post just to bring your ad back to the top. Doing that risks the ad being deleted completely at the descretion of the staff.

5. If you sell your item, please post that you sold it.

6. Dont be adding posts everyday with a "lower price" constantly. 

7. Unless it pertains the the item being sold, DO NOT POST IN THE ADS with incesant chit chat and other crap. It WILL be removed.

8. Make sure the ad is the way you want it. There is a No Editing after 30 minute rule on the site now.

Any questions, please PM me.
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