Universal Stand-alone Quickshifter, Rev Limiters and Launch Controllers

Started by DonTZ125, May 22, 2016, 04:44:45 AM

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I am now offering a stand-alone unit for US$75 for the controller and $125 for the sensor (comes with 2x 80mm rods, 1x 35mm LH/RH adjusting rod, 4x M6-RH nuts, 1x M6-LH nut), specify PUSH or PULL.

A complementary product is a rev limiting switch that can be set to different limits. It can be used as a rev limiter (good for FZR600s using FZR400 TCIs ;)), as a launch controller (push the launch button, pin the throttle WFO, and feather the clutch - the revs will NOT go past your set launch limit until you release the button), as a shift light driver, or whatever your devious mind can envision.

Rev Limiter Solo - $50 (stand alone unit)
Rev Limiter Dual - $75 (stand alone unit)
Rev Limiter Add-on - $25 (built into QS controller)
Push Button - $25 (for use with Launch Controller)

The controller has a setting screw for kill time, and another for setting the RPM limit (if fitted). It plugs into the rear brake and sidestand switch plugs for power and 'safety system' override. If your bike has any of these connectors removed, I can either offer a splice-in unit, or a set of matching pigtails to replace the cut-away parts (+$5 for a set). All splice-in wires and replacement pigtails will be colour-matched for wiring, to make life easier. For some models, the connector selection is a little confusing, so I may ask you to confirm which switch connector is which style - is it rectangular, is it hockey-rink shaped, is it two bullet connectors ...

For those who already have a PC3 or similar controller, I can offer the shift sensor with the necessary connector for US$150 (the connectors are expensive, and I have to bring them in from *Sweden*!)