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Author Topic: 2015 New Jersey Motorsports Park Friday Practice NJMP  (Read 2818 times)

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2015 New Jersey Motorsports Park Friday Practice NJMP
« on: April 13, 2015, 03:36:29 pm »
All three Discount Pre Buy 3 for $450 Click HERE

  • NJMP Thunderbolt Course
  • New ACE 2015 Format More track Time!
  • Camping included Friday.
  • Access to Pool & Clubhouse Included
  • Electric,Garages additional charge (CCS Will Have Priority Pick over Garage space)
  • Free Intro (ACE INTRO) included with your $99 Track Access fee for first timers on Track or $150 for first timers with ACE (existing riders)
  • I-Camp(intermediate level schools will be available)
  • CCS License Certification, One on one Advanced Coaching will be available.
  • Minimum Guest Access needed to register if this is NOT your first time with ACE or on Track. First time with ACE is $150 special.
  • Yamaha Champions Riding School $500 includes Track Access
Offered at all events INCLUDED WITH YOUR TRACK FEE OF $99
 Mandatory for all first time track riders
-Proper techniques to start riding on the track
-Transitional information from street to track
-Awareness of our reference points and the utilization of reference points on your own. 
-How to stay focused relaxed, and introduction to counter steering awareness
-Body position displayed and explained
-Will help your street riding and most likely have you not ridingon the street anymore.  Track Cost vs Insurance , Safe Vs. Danger, Fines Vs. No fines
ACE I-Camp Skill & Safety Training Camp (N/Red, A/Blue)
Available for novice and intermediate riders in Groups N/Red & A/Blue . $100
Rider to instructor ratio of 3:1 provides an intense training day honing your individual needs to improve  your riding skills. Topics covered and explained are-Proper use of motorcycle controls
-Physical dynamics of your motorcycle and body and the effects
-Visual aids, Timing of entrance and exiting corners
- Mindframe and Goals
$145 (in addition to track fees)
  • Certification School will  provide a student who follows the general guidelines and shows proper  acknowledgement of the CCS RACING approved course curriculum. Satisfactory completion of the course you will be presented with a  certificate to  purchase a CCS license
  • Rider and   machine requirements and compliance will be necessary in accordance with CCS/ACE Tech Rules. CCS rules and regulations along with procedures, flags, safety will be presented during the course.
  • Riding and Racing strategy and experiences by veteran racers will be presented. Motorcycle  preparation, basic suspension and geometry theory and overall racing  mentality, will also be discussed during this course.
  • Passing of a Multiple Choice test and a successful "Mock up" of starting and flagging demonstration session will complete your course.   
ACE Advanced is a One on Once Workshop with an Expert Racer $100 PH
  Option 1
One on One coach training will be offered trackside. Reserve one of our coaches for private personal training by the hour ( 3 hour minium) Inquire at  trackside registration choosing the coach you would like to train with directly. It is highly reccomended you Pre-Register to ensure  your coach is available.
Option 2 + $20 Extra per hour 
One on One training including helmet to helmet (Blu Training ) will also be offered by appointment with Tom Cutter our Head Coach of Absolute Cycle Experience
  • Will be held on select events anticipating 5 for 2015.
  • Will be available up to 2 groups Advanced/Blue and Expert/Race/Black Maximum per class group 12
  • Level A/Blue/Advanced LEVEL A addresses proactive technical points on riding. We thoroughly cover how you interface with the bike, your body position choices and how these can affect the cornering process. Once rider position and stability are completely understood it paves the way for line selection options you may never have imagined. All five of the exercises done in Level A are indispensable tools which will put you  in control of any set turns that exists. The final exercise called Attack your Track will give you a whole new approach to cornering  because you'll have a plan. Level A students are videotaped, weather  permitting.
     Level E/Black/Expert LEVEL E takes a completely different turn. We ask YOU what needs to be improved.
    Now that a rider has spent a considerable of amount of track time, and a few classes with ACE and  discussed and practiced most of the explainable  riding skills, we designed a  program uniquely for that rider. At Level E we take a very focused look  at your skills and tie up the loose ends to your satisfaction.
    Level E is custom-designed for each rider. Aside from their assigned on-track coach, we also provide a highly trained consultant. Throughout the day he will coordinate with your on-track coach and give you one-on-one attention on your riding.
    Also can be confused with the One on One coaching session, this course also includes your classroom, and extra coaching staff and on track drills.
  Coaches Included to all at no cost
Absolute Cycle during its 10 years  in business has   developed a system of coaching and guiding to riders who  participate   with the club at it's events.
On all track event dates, coaches ride  within a group on track, and are available for questions, riding tips,  lead  follow sessions, as well as provide a safe standard for our  participants.
General assistance is available through our Mentor program  and available Staff.
Our coaches are hand picked and selected from the  best riders and racers who have participated within our club.
They are  volunteers who give up there freedom, to work for your the riders  achieve the highest level of safe and enjoyable riding. We normally achieve a 4:1 coach to rider ratio in in our limited groups per day.
 Coaching staff and assistance is included with your Track Event Fee.
Yamaha Champions Riding School on Fridays before CCS 5/1, 7/17 & 9/4
  • Everyone will get something different out of the  program as it is designed to be a balance between faster and safer.
  •   Some riders will go faster as a result of the skills taught, and others  will crash less. Either and both is our goal.
  • The YCRS philosophy is that the motorcycles are designed with input  from the best riders in the world to be ridden a certain way.
  • YCRS  takes what the best in the world are doing and teaches everyone from the  new rider on the road to the racer prepping for  a national championship what those same skills are.  The same skill set  Valentino Rossi has used to win nine world championships is taught to  the new rider on his Harley, the first ever track day rider, and the  expert racer hoping for a pro license.  The skills  are the same, only the application is different.
Some of Drills/Skills to be gone over during this one day program are: 1-Body Position Do's and Don'ts2-Trail braking for speed and geometry3-Rear brake: When, where, how and why4-Tire management...lap record on the last lap of the race: how?5- Passing for the Slow riders Comfort
6- Apexes and how they are missed
7- The Adjustable Rider
8- Eddie Lawson's quiet confidence
9- Freddie Spencer's Mantra
10- Why we crash
11- Add CCS Certification for only $100 more.

The Southern Road Circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park will be our signature Thunderbolt Raceway featuring over 2.25 miles of asphalt, 14 challenging turns, a one half mile straightway and approximately 40 acres of full service paddock space. Amenities on this circuit will include concession buildings, event garages, twenty (20) VIP Suites, banquet rooms, a covered false grid, and a three (3) story timing tower with media center and VIP facilities.
Garages, and electric rates are based upon a 24 hour period from 7PM to the following 7PM and is available through ACE.
Overnight Camping & access is provided by ACE at no charge
 Camping Rules & Regulations By purchasing a camping pass and camping on NJMP property, you and those in your campsite are responsible for abiding by these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the facility.
Camping pass & parking pass display: When purchasing a camping pass, guests will receive one camping pass and one parking pass for a tow vehicle. Attach tent passes on the outside of the  tent (weather permitting). Place RV passes in the windshield or tape  them in another easily visible location. Display both passes at all  times.
Unit spacing: To comply with fire and safety regulations, all camping units (including personal automobiles) must be separated by at least 5 feet.
Campfires: Campfires/ground fires are not allowed.
Noise: We ask that you be respectful of your neighbors. Quiet time in the campground goes from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. During that time un-muffled engines must not be run and loud music should not be played.
Firearms and fireworks: Firearms and fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the grounds.
Alcohol: Beer in coolers is permitted for individual consumption in the campground areas only, They cannot be brought into the Paddock from the outside of the gates.
Drugs: Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at NJMP.
Children: A responsible adult must closely supervise all children less than 17 years of age.
Pets: NJMP discourages bringing pets to the track. Pets will be allowed if they are leashed. Cleanup is the responsibility of the pet owner. Otherwise, NJMP will fine the owner and both may be asked to leave the facility. On days warmer than 70 degrees, pets may not be left in cars or trucks unless the vehicle is running and the air conditioner is on. Pets are not allowed in any of NJMP’s buildings or the concession area.
Asphalt: Do not pound stakes or make any holes in any asphalt surface. Do not paint any asphalt surface. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected from the property without a refund. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands. No exceptions.
Track close: NJMP will close at 7:00 p.m. on the Sunday of an event weekend. Unless other arrangements have been previously made with the NJMP Registration office, your campsite must be dismantled, cleaned and excited by this time.

    Search Results for: camping   
 Clubhouse Pool at NJMP The Clubhouse Pool Daily Rates (per person)
 Clubhouse Pool; NJMP; South Jersey; Inground Pool height=134
  • Adults: $10.00
  • Children under 12: $5.00
  • Villa and Exotic Car Garage Owners Invited Guests: $5.00
  • No Charge for Villa, Exotic Car Garage Owners and Immediate Family Members
  • The Clubhouse Pool is operating under the State of New Jersey and Cumberland County Board of Health Specialty
Exempt Facility Code.
  • NJMP will permit Villa and Exotic Car Garage Owners and invited guests, renters of the Villas, Exotic Car Garage and VIP  Suites access to the pool ( fees may apply). Customers who are camping in approved NJMP locations will be allowed access to the pool ( fees may apply). The General Public will not be permitted access to The Clubhouse Pool.

47 Warbird Drive
 Millville, NJ 08332
 TEL: (856) 327-8000 
 Places to stay Our Preferred Hotel Partner.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
 Millville Vineland
 301 Bluebird Lane
 Millville, NJ 08332
 (856) 776-2400
 This  is our Preferred hotel, special member rates apply, mention Absolute Cycle Experience when making reservations

  Trackside Suspension Tuning and Tire Service

 Tire service, measuring sag and setting suspensions are not the only service Mark Rozema at Markbilt race bikes offers.  From basic to full all out race motor builds, suspension upgrades and race preparation, Mark is an expert in his field.  Markbilt race bikes located just minutes from New Jersey Motorsports Park is your place when speed, control and motorcycle hi-performance is important.  Put yourself ahead of the competition and contact Markbilt.
  For more details
 Contact Mark

Tires available Track side
Tires will be available. Dunlop Motorcycle Road Racing Tires USA is the official Brand of tires here at Absolute Cycle Experience. Dunlop Motorcycle Tires have been tested and proven by our racers and coaches and run on all our Absolute Cycle Experience Race Team Motorcycles in the CCS Racing and MotoAmerica Series, as well as AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association)

Available through Markbilt, or Absolute Cycle
Parts, Accessories, Apparel and more!
Tire Warmers, Undersuits, Stands, and more can be found at MOTO-D Racing which is usually trackside helping our riders out.

Photos of your Day
Photos of your day are compliments of Ray and Sara from

Our Corporate sponsors
 Clear Focus, LLC., SpeedAngle Inc., Industrial Services Corp. Inc.., Atech Customs, Toga Air LLC, DC Paintworx, Arai Helmet Americas, BAUCE Racing, Rubber Chicken Racing, Yoyodyne, Sharkskinz Racing Bodies.
2182 Elizabeth Ave
Rahway NJ 07065


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Re: 2015 New Jersey Motorsports Park Friday Practice NJMP
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 05:27:09 pm »
Im planning on doing this trackday to learn the track a little before Saturday races.Do I have to pre-register,or can I show up Friday morning?


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Re: 2015 New Jersey Motorsports Park Friday Practice NJMP
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2015, 12:32:09 pm »
If there is room you can walk on, no price change, but email or text 718-608-4217 to check on availability.
2182 Elizabeth Ave
Rahway NJ 07065


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Re: 2015 New Jersey Motorsports Park Friday Practice NJMP
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2015, 12:55:22 pm »
We are also now booking 3 day garages.....CCS is booking 2 days..... We will be assigning in this priority

3 days racer
2 days racer
1 day trackday
2182 Elizabeth Ave
Rahway NJ 07065