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Generator Watts? How Many is needed?

Started by Forum156, February 26, 2015, 08:33:11 AM

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Hello everyone,
I am looking into getting a generator for my 6x10 enclosed trailer to power my phone, radio, lights, compressor, and some tire warmers. What kind of Wattage am I looking at needing? 2500? What kind a generators is everyone running and how many Watts? Also what are some ideas on how to wire everything? Pictures would be great too.
Thanks for the info  :cheers:


Depends on the compressor specs and if the compressor will be running the same time as you need the warmers on. Lights, radio and phone will be small draws, but you will probably want clean power from an inverter style generator.  Warmers and compressor separate, 2k should be plenty. Check the specs on your compressor. Most warmers will need about 900-1200 watts.
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Compressor I think is going to around the 800watt range. 2000 Watt generator should be enough to power everything. Last question, when looking at generators do I want 2000 Surge Watts or 2000 Related Watts?   


If you want to use 2000 watts, make sure the RMS or rated wattage is 2000. Surge 2000 just means it can handle that much for a quick second and then taper down.