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a few  years ago when I had my first track crash at a trackday, I ran back to my bike and rode back into pit road. I then learned that that was a no-no  :spank:

We went over what to do if someone crashes and there is a red flag, but not what to do if you're the one that crashed.

I looked over the rulebook before posting. If I crash in a race, am I out of the race for good? Or can I get back on my bike if it's ok?  I rode in a flat track race a couple years ago and crashed. after the race someone told me that I should have ran back to the bike quicker. How's it work in CCS?
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If you crash in a race,if it is not damaged much you can get the bike going again you can still finish the race.If things are falling off your bike you cannot finish the race so you have to go to the closest corner worker area and stay there till the race is finished.
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cool thanks. that's good to know.
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Yeah i crashed in june during a race,and the bike and i were totally fine. I picked the bike up and tried to get back on track,and the corner-worker grabbed my hands and told me to wait till the race was done.Afterwards the head corner-worker asked how i did and i told her what happened,and she said "oh you could have gone back out" :wtf:  As long as you and the bike are good,then go back out.

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What Apriliaman said. If you and your bike is relatively OK, get back out on track IF you want. Some people will just sit out the rest of the race even though they and their bike are ok. A personal thing for some. But the corner workers should give the bike a quick "teching" if possible. If they cant get to you, you do it yourself. Basically make sure you have front brakes, all controls still are there and it steers. You have to use common sense and be honest with yourself if you pick it up yourself. The licensing school should cover this anyways.

When I cornerworked we had a guy crash on the warmup lap and tried to get back out there. Had to stop him and tell him his race was over since he had NO front brake reservoir. He never noticed it until I pointed it out to him. Could had been real bad if he got back out without it.

And whatever you do pay attention to the cornerworkers flags especially if they have the yellow with red stripes showing it to you and pointing it at you. Get off the race line and proceeed to stop at the next manned cornerstation. How many times we've had racers IGNORE a debris flag wave off only to oil the track down for everyone and losing valuable time cleaning up the oil.
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