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Minimum safety wiring

Started by dpelt73, September 26, 2014, 07:44:55 PM

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I plan on getting race licensed at the homestead round in december. trying to prep by then.

I know the obvious of oil drain, oil fill, oil filter, i'm pretty sure banjo bolts are required (correct me of i'm wrong)

The things i'm not certain of are front axle pinch bolts, rear axle, caliper bolts, front axle itself (has large allen hole so not sure how this would be done)

Just wanna make sure I get all thats required.
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All engine, trans, final drive drains, caps and oil filter must be wired (fuel and radiator exempt). That's all that's listed in the rules. Banjos aren't required.

Now nothings stopping you of wiring more than min. My axles and pinch bolts are wired along with caliper bolts. If you'd feel more comfortable having the axles, pinch bolts, caliper bolts, etc wired, by all means do them. I have seen a caliper fall off at Blackhawk Farms and caused a crash. Had a buell take the checker and when he went to slow for t1 lets just say he went in the grass (he was fine, bike banged up).

Heres the rule book
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Follow the WERA wiring rules and you will fly right through tech 8)