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VP race fuel available for CCS races at Summit Point Memorial day wknd

Started by ahastings, May 14, 2014, 07:59:31 PM

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     I will be bringing VP fuels to Summit Pointnext weekend arriving late  Thursday night May 23rd.  Preorders are highly recommended if you want to guarantee to have fuel at the event . Preorders needed by Tue May 20th.   I accept Paypal at , or any major credit card at the track. Any cans larger then 5 gal also must be preordered/prepaid .  Also if you need fuel for the VIR event in June you may want to get it from me at Summit as I will not be able to attend the June event.       
  Here are my current prices for trackside delivery only:             
5 gal/ 15 gal drums: 
Motorsports 98L – $59/ $196
VP 110-                  $59/ $196
MR12/MR9-          $137/ $414
U4.4-                     $86/  $234
C12-                      $76/  $219
T4-                        $66/  $183
VPR-                      $66/  $183
MRX02 -                $149/ $452   
5 gal  jugs with hose $32   
$5 per can discount for purchases of 2 or more cans fuel.   you will be eligible for VP contingency by purchasing from me.    email me at for any special orders. These prices are guaranteed for prepaid preorders only, prices may increase by the time of the event with fuel price fluctuations. thanks . see you at the track
A&M Motorsports
A&M Motorsports
Mid-Atlantic VP Fuel Vendor