VP race fuel available for CCS races at Summit Point Memorial day wknd

Started by ahastings, May 14, 2014, 07:59:31 PM

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     I will be bringing VP fuels to Summit Pointnext weekend arriving late  Thursday night May 23rd.  Preorders are highly recommended if you want to guarantee to have fuel at the event . Preorders needed by Tue May 20th.   I accept Paypal at ahastings1@yahoo.com , or any major credit card at the track. Any cans larger then 5 gal also must be preordered/prepaid .  Also if you need fuel for the VIR event in June you may want to get it from me at Summit as I will not be able to attend the June event.       
  Here are my current prices for trackside delivery only:             
5 gal/ 15 gal drums: 
Motorsports 98L – $59/ $196
VP 110-                  $59/ $196
MR12/MR9-          $137/ $414
U4.4-                     $86/  $234
C12-                      $76/  $219
T4-                        $66/  $183
VPR-                      $66/  $183
MRX02 -                $149/ $452   
5 gal  jugs with hose $32   
$5 per can discount for purchases of 2 or more cans fuel.   you will be eligible for VP contingency by purchasing from me.    email me at ahastings1@yahoo.com for any special orders. These prices are guaranteed for prepaid preorders only, prices may increase by the time of the event with fuel price fluctuations. thanks . see you at the track
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