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Blackhawk Registration

Started by jfboothe, May 05, 2014, 01:56:29 PM

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The May BHF race will finally be my first race. I wanted to take advantage of the pre-registration but due to some work issues I won't be able to fully commit to that weekend till later this week. Can I still do a walk up registration at the track? Will I be able to register the Friday evening before the Saturday practice? Do they take credit cards at the track or do I need to bring my check book or cash?

Anyone want to help out an old slow Thunderbike/LF40 rider on his first race weekend since I won't have a clue what I am doing?

Woofentino Pugrossi

Yes you can register at the track. Dont think they have reg friday since ccs Im pretty sure they arent there friday.

They take cc at the track.

I usually pit along the front stetch towards t1. Green Gmc sierra, flatbed trailer blue white sv usually parked near a black f150 with a toy hauler.
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Thanks Rob. Hopefully I will see you there.



This will be my first race as well. What trackside tire vendor will be selling Pirellis next weekend?
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Farrell Performance will be vending Pirellis at Midwest events.