Leather Repairs

Started by pdoughduc, December 26, 2013, 09:59:47 AM

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Anyone have a price point for some moderate leather repairs and shipping (from-to MD)?  Roughed up velcro slider patches, a few grind holes, maybe a seam or two, standard sort of stuff.  Discount/closeout, random size, off-the-rack suits are going in the mid-upper hundreds but I was thinking about using what's left of the old one for another year. 
Then I can drop some money next year to torch a shiny new custom beaut, rather than just getting another OK, off-the-rack suit that will fit like a ill fitted rented tux at best. 
Thanks, guys.
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Barnacle Bill was the best quote I got to fix my zipper. That said, if you can find someone who comes to Summit or NJMP who'll deliver...


Todd @ Heroic Racing Apparel will fix you up.
He's in NYC so shipping should be cheap enough and he does real good work!



Syed leathers in FL do lots of repairs. And can do em fast. Shipping honestly is not much more for from the MD to FL or much of any other part of the country. UPS would likely be $20 or so. Fedex or USPS a little cheaper, but i won't use anyone BUT ups.
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LizzyLeather has helped me out a few times. Great work, quick and well priced.