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VIR Photographers?

Started by Paratrooper22, September 23, 2013, 12:22:34 AM

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Anyone know who else was there besides F and S, Etech, and Knockout? I saw at least 5 or 6. Whoever was down at 17 should have some pretty legit shots.

Thanks in advance.

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My friend got several hundred good shots, which means he'll "like" maybe 100 of them, he gets really selective.

Here is his Flickr link, when he uploads pics from this weekend I'll post in this thread again. But there are pics from other CCS rounds this year there too.


Should have the photos for the AMA racers and podiums sorted and posted online in the next couple of days. (Trying for tomorrow.)

nevenelestate I know there are a bunch in there of you. From all the cameras on your bike I'm guessing you got a lot of video?



When I remember to turn them on, or the batteries don't die on me. I lost the second half of the front camera for the Sunday AMA 600 SB race, when I passed Jason Lawson, battery died.


Got all the AMA class stuff uploaded last night. They're arranged in order by class, then there are podium shots, the special award winners, and then a bunch of other images from other races of riders who participated in the AMA classes. Those are all mixed together so you'll have to hunt for yourself. (Might go back and organize if I have time) I'm also currently uploading the USGPRU Podiums, and pics of the Moto3 and 250GP race since it was the final, and it's an AMA sanctioned series.

Full res of the pics are downloadable and free to use, please give AMA credit if you use them for something. The AMA does this with all the Grand Championship events as an extra thank you to participants, but please support your trackside vendors who are there all season.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the 2013 AMA Road Race Grand Championships.