*2013 AMA RRGC @ VIR Update* - Attn: AMA Pro SuperSport Riders

Started by truckstop, September 09, 2013, 08:06:18 PM

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The AMA is going to be putting out a competition bulletin regarding a rule change for the 2013 AMA Road Race Grand Championships.

If you currently hold an AMA Pro Road Racing SuperSport license, and have NO POINTS in either the East or West Championship, you are eligible to enter AMA RRGC classes at VIR, and will be considered for the special awards.

If you hold a SportBike or SuperBike license, or have ANY points in SuperSport, you are NOT eligible to race.

Once again, all riders wishing to compete in the AMA RRGC classes must be AMA Members. AMA Membership is not the same thing as an AMA Pro license.


Glad this was announced after pre-entry closed :) I'm in for both 600 races  :thumb:


why are the entry fees so high for the am rrgc classes? Its ridiculous $90 pre entry per class. if the fees werent so out of line more people would actually race those classes and they would still bring in the same amount of money. Is the post entry fee going to be even higher? I dont see that anywhere
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