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AMA Provisional starts... How does that work?.?

Started by MAZZ77X, August 17, 2013, 09:50:27 AM

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I noticed in the XR 1200 Race at Indy the last 2 rows are filled with provisional riders. All that are outside the 107% time frame messes scary for making the field.

How do 8 riders take provisional spots on the grid, riders that have never participated in an AMA Pro event before? Seems wrong that anyone can just come out to what is Americas top shelf racing events and walk on the grid with very sub par times and make the show, and you know that these very riders will become lappers and possibly have an effect on the outcome......

Why, how does this process take place.


well, it is the xr1200 race after all...i hear what you are saying but for this class i don't really see it as that big a problem.
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