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06-07 R6 front sprocket nut solution

Started by ChrisWells, June 19, 2013, 05:26:51 PM

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Someone else must have figured this out. If you need to change gearing often you can't be using the clunky (expensive) single use Yamaha OEM front sprocket nuts.  :banghead: So what is everyone using and where do I get it? It would be nice to be able to change gearing more than once at Summit Point in a couple of weeks.

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Reuse the same nut, but don't fold in the to lock it.

Options for keeping it in place; silicon or safety wire.

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I considered locktite and silicone but it seems a bit iffy. I didn't mention, in my case the chain runs between my legs so I REALLY don't want it deviating from it's intended path. Lock wiring would require drilling the sprocket shaft which looks very HARD (in a least 2 senses of the word).



I would use the stock retainer and fold it. Just chalk it up to being safe. I had a drive sprocket come loose and lock up at motor cross track. Put me on the ground hard could have been deadly. All because I didn't use lock tite. Do yourself a favor and be safe