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Minis and Motards at NOLA Cart Track on Monday June 17

Started by Kevin Nolde, June 05, 2013, 07:40:41 PM

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Kevin Nolde

Hello again, I will be hosting another Mini and Motard Monday out at the NOLA cart track. We would like to invite all Mini and Motard riders to the .9 mile long layout NOLA Motor Sports cart track on Monday June 17 for a bit of ripping. The time for the event is from 9am to 1pm (the official event time) your $50.00 entry gets you the initial 4 hours plus additional time in the afternoon in a more open format (this time may be shared with some carts but it is usually just a few and they don't mind sharing the time, not the track. This low key riding day will be divided into 3 groups of Faster, Slower and Kids. We usually blend the groups around a bit so please be flexible. The kids may ride their minis in dirt bike gear with extra pads, only parents on Pit bikes with kids riding may ride in the kids sessions. Gates open at 8 and Tech will open at 8:30. This is a fun day with no trophies given; an active timing loop will be employed registering AMB type transponders instantly to This is the first of many "Mini and Motard Mondays at NOLA". Please feel free to contact Kevin Nolde at or 225-315-3423 for more information.