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Summit Point CCS rounds end of May

Started by 4 Podium Glass, May 12, 2013, 11:40:14 PM

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4 Podium Glass

Thinking about doing at track repairs at Summit Point for the CCS rounds. Doing repairs for racers and anyone who brings fiberglass bodywork that needs it. This can be spare pieces as well. Email or message me if interested. With enough interest, I'll be there for

If you need to take advantage of my Tech Repair option, that will be available as well. Preparing for a race weekend involves a lot, making sure your body work will pass tech is first and foremost. With 4Podium Glass, that's one less thing you will have to worry about.

I do paint as well. Obviously not at the track, but if that is an interest of yours, that's something we can discuss as well.

Thanks and good luck!!

Questions or concerns, please email me for faster response. for more info and  pics

4 Podium Glass

credit cards will be accepted at point of sale.  :thumb:


Cool.  Then you can bring my finished fairings to the track too, right?
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