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Fiberglass Repair / Restoration / Fabrication

Started by 4 Podium Glass, May 03, 2013, 02:51:07 PM

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4 Podium Glass

--Feel free to check out some pics at located in Herndon, Virginia less than an hour from Summit Point!
--Paypal available - extremely negotiable
--Delivery / pick up available (within reasonable distance or for a minimal fee)
--Shipping is handled through UPS Ground
--Ask about the new "Tech Repair" option

Does your exhaust burn through your fiberglass?
Are you about ready to throw your fairings away and start new?
Are you tired of zip ties holding up your bodywork?
Do you need a quick fix to avoid failing tech or getting meat-balled during a  race when your zip tie snaps?
Do you want a clean slate for a new paint scheme? 
Did you find some fairings for cheap that "need a little work?"
Is it the off-season and are those rashed fairings just sitting in the corner  of your garage? for many pics of repairs.
Whatever your reason to need or want your fiberglass fairings repaired, be  sure to check out 4PodiumGlass. Don't throw away expensive bodywork (unless you  absolutely have too) – bodywork is an investment and I'm here to help stretch  that investment as far as possible so you can enjoy more race weekends or track  days!!
As a fellow racer and track day rider, I understand the cost of enjoying the  sport...and the cost of crashing. I am not here to get rich. This is something I  enjoy doing. for many pics of repairs.
I can be reached via Facebook messaging and or email at

See you at the track and good luck!!


Can you toss up some ballpark price examples?  I've got pretty tired bodywork, I'll be in the market to repair or replace sooner rather than later, it'd be nice to know the repair cost range to compare against new.

4 Podium Glass

Sorry for the late reply. Email is usually the best way to contact me.

My prices are extremely pocket friendly and I'm not here to get rich. Just giving back to the community. I feel you'd be very happy with the work and price when compared to new.
I'm planning to be at the Summit Point CCS rounds doing repairs at the track. Message if that's something you'd be interested in.

Since damage is rarely the same from piece to piece it's hard to set a price. Many factors go into the price.  Not to name drop, but a few that you can reference are James Shepherd (TPM Coach and quick rising Am racer); Fuller Moto Racing; and Matt Carter (sponsor and Amsoil distributor)

However for example: a Ducati SBK tail that has a clean break will be a little more than an R6 tail that has more of a flat surface to deal with.

I do paint as well.  If you have some pics and like me to take a look, I'm sure we can come to an agreement that's beneficial to us both.



4 Podium Glass

pics of repairs

CBR Tail (Before)

CBR Tail (after)

CBR Set - fully repaired and painted (same tail as above - this is just the full set done)

I can also modfiy your existing lower fairing to allow for more air flow between your exhaust and the fairing to help against the fairing melting.  Expanding the belly pan is CCS legal.

This is how I recieved a SV lower fairing

Here it is primed for final sanding prior to sealer and paint (this is the same side, it's just turned upside down)