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Started by Factory Effex, March 06, 2013, 02:18:33 PM

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Factory Effex

Factory Effex - March 2013 Special - 25% OFF all Custom Sport Bike Number Plate Kits

All number plate kits allow full customization to your requirements to ensure they are 100% legal for the CCS racing organization.

Choose your: Racing Number, Number Sizes, Number Spacing, Number Color, Background Color, Background Size, and more!

Pro Number Plate Kit ($69.95) Includes:

  • (4) Individual Number Plates
  • (2) Windscreen Stickers
  • (2) Accessory Stickers
  • (2) Mini Number Plates
  • (2) Helmet Stickers
Standard Number Plate Kit ($49.95) Includes:

  • (4) Individual Number Plates
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Burt Munro

Just so no one is disappointed when they go thru Tech and their number plates are rejected, the examples in photos 1 & 3 below would not be legal for CCS purposes. And photo #4 of the 2 plates on the nose would need to have 1 side covered or removed - depending on which side manual scoring is being done from. Not hating, just trying to give a heads up to save you some frustration when you go through Tech.

By the way .....  Professionally done number plates are much appreciated by the folks working the races!
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Factory Effex

Hello Burt,

Thank you for your input. However, the pictures shown above are for EXAMPLE ONLY. These plates can absolutely be 100% customized to adhere to the requirements of the rules and regulations stipulating proper number size, number font, spacing distance between each number, and background size.

Therefore, there would be no reason whatsoever to be dissapointed; and yes, we do advise to all purchasing our custom number plate kits to first review the 2013 CCS / ASRA rulebook so you can properly configure your custom plates to pass tech inspection.