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Hydration systems

Started by Rink675, October 20, 2012, 12:27:57 AM

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I have the 2012 CCS rule book in front of me and I don't see much details on the rules of modifying gear.....I know that you wouldn't want to compromise the integrity of your helmet and that isn't my plan.

So here are my two questions:

1. Can you put a water bladder in your rear hump pad?

2. What modifications that are allowed have you done to allow the tube to go inside your helmet so you can stay hydrated?

I know were not running 25 lap sprint races in GP circuits but I am sure I am not the only one who sweats a lot in the heat and having this setup would be nice!

Super Dave

CCS rules have generally operated based upon the idea that if it isn't prohibited, you can do it.

If my memory serves me correctly, I've seen people using various bladder drinking systems under their leathers and over their leathers since around 1991.

Put it where you like it.  There's nothing prohibiting it as long as it is in a manner that doesn't put other competitors at risk.
Super Dave

superbike supply

you can definitely run a hydration pack.  have someone (lizzy leathers, etc.) modify your hump.  we have the uswe bladders in stock that are used in the revit suits in stock.  its what you would call a "universal" type bladder.  it clips to the side of your helmet.  they also have other suit kits available as well.  if you are interested, let me know.


I'm amused soemone actually typed "modify your hump" in this crowd (GRIN)