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dented exhaust hp loss

Started by brendan113, July 17, 2012, 12:55:40 PM

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 I have a 2003 r6 with a full hindle exhaust. The exhaust is at least 4 or 5 race /track seasons old (could be much older can barely read hind on can)and is pretty dented up.Wanted to know if anyone has had a bike dyno tuned with an old bent exhaust versus a new one. I had 101 hp ( with normal mods /stops/stacks/filter) before last weekened when the dent got bigger. I realy dont wanna drop to much money on this bike but also dont see myself having money for anything but tires for a while.
Let me know what you guys think about gains and losses, Thanks

Super Dave

Well, most likely, the dent isn't going to increase HP.   ::)

Now, I can't see how big the new dents are from here, but, as more are added, I'm betting that it will increase exhaust gas temperature as more and more restrictions are going to change things...

'03/'04 R6's rock.  Take care of that and race the hell out of it while you can.  That's a reliable, good handling package. 
Super Dave


 The main dent is in about an inch right in the center can, and where the headers?mid pipe connect is more of a box than an oval shape.As for the hp gain i meant after new exhaust was on but I think you knew that. :kicknuts:  lol.   
The r6 is a great bike(and can take a beating ) and i can pull some pretty fast times on it but i do notice it lacking in upper mid to top end power.                                 


It is an evo2 i bought today from a friend. he says he didnt feel a hp loss when he first got that dent. got it for $120.