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Author Topic: Tire Life Question  (Read 7560 times)

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Re: Tire Life Question
« Reply #24 on: August 06, 2012, 02:40:40 pm »
I saw few guys helping you out last weekend.  Don't take that for granted, my wife finally figured out how to put my front stand on after 2 yrs :biggrin: The next goal is training her to turn the Gopro on and off. 

haha its funny you say that. I just taught my friend Stephanie how to do the Go Pro that weekend! Shes actually got it down no problem. She even has the stands mastered too, but still struggles with the tire warmers :biggrin: This is her attempting to help with a tire change... :ahhh:

And luckily for me everyone with CCS is so dang cool! I had Kurt help me change rains to DOTs last weekend at BFR and it saved my butt and got me a win. I wasnt going to because I only had like 5 min, but he helped and we got it done just in time. Plus Kolin and the Turn one guys helped me rebuild my bike in 10 min after a crash the weekend before that.  :cheers:
That being said I'm sure if Joe cant help me with a quick tire change Im sure someone else will. I'll probably owe everyone at that track a lunch/beer by the end of the season haha!
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Re: Tire Life Question
« Reply #25 on: August 07, 2012, 03:26:55 pm »
I got into the 13's, but not the 12's yet. Hoping to hit that next weekend!  :cheers:  I was just using 14-15 as an average.
But I see what your saying with the cost of everything. The issue for me is not actually cost of tires. Im doing well enough now that I have plenty of tire money so Im not super budget constrained like I was before, but I still dont want to throw away money on tires if I dont need to. The issue for me is just understanding that fine line of when to change tires so I'm not doing it early and being wasteful or I'm not doing it late and risking a crash/slower laptimes. I just need a better feel for reading my tires. Im sure it will become more aparent as I get faster. I think I'm just too slow now to have a good idea  ::)
As far as chassis set-up, what kind of things do you do to adjust for new tires vs old? Im thinking that if I dont have time to change tires throughout the day I should maybe adjust settings to account for tire wear between races. It would also be beneficial to know how to set up for new tires so I could get fast laps on the important races. I assume just run it a little stiffer?

The nice about Blackhawk is that its a mostly right turn course.  We usually flip ours, we run pirellis though not sure if the stones react differently....either way it seems to work okay and it will extend your tire life a bit. 
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