New Round added to ASRA schedule: VIR North Course

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Started by Jwhite316, June 05, 2012, 02:58:48 PM

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I've been lapped pretty often in LW races by Ed and people chasing him over the years, and I'm sure I've cost someone a position somewhere at some point. I asked Ed early on if I was "in the way" and he said "don't worry about it, you're fine."

In the 125GP race on Sunday, I lost a position at the start/finish line, because I couldn't get around someone who was having bike issues. I'd built up a pretty good gap but after getting caught up, and her being on a faster bike, she got me at the line. Am I mad about it? No!

IMHO, that's racing. There's always a chance that lappers will figure into the equation regardless of what kind of bike they're on or what class you're in. I'm sorry for Kevin because he was riding AWESOME this weekend, but what would be said if it was just a slow person on an SV that got in his way? Don't let slow people race?

Now, I DO think some rearranging should be done, but I do hope that there's some way to keep the vintage guys on the schedule.


As an active participant in at least one race that include the vintage bikes - I have no problem with them in the schedule, again - no real issue...expect them to be slower dow nthe are going to catch them and pass them...potentially in odd places - I call this "racecraft" and it requires some planning - frankly the more folks we have out there and the more fun we are all having the better

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As a wise man once said, "traffic givith & traffic takith away"

There will always be some slower traffic (I hope we have enough). It is part of the game.

I was talking to one of the heads of the vintage group and he had asked CCS to put them all together. He says they ride together enough & they are all used to the speed difference of each other. But CCS thought it to much for the 160 class to be on track with an old GS1000.

Kevin got passed cause he was late on the throttle on the drive out of 7. It was not the fault of the traffic. (oh and Ed is very talented too) 
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Quote from: CSBRacing 3:17 on July 05, 2012, 09:40:11 AM
10 bikes in LW Am is quite large I would say.  There  were several occasions last year that LW Am had 1 or 2 bikes.  Even in the hayday, 10 was a good size grid.  MW is always going to be larger than LW.  If you want to save costs and all that, be my guest but don't do it at the expense of the other riders safety and results.   

While I agree 10 >1 or 2, 10 is still not a large grid (however, that is a matter of opinion). I also appreciate your zeal for the protection of rider's safety (and their finishing position), however, one has to acknowledge that this is a business and it is still necessary to make a profit for the race organization to provide the opportunity to race. Without talking to Kevin, I would assume this was the motivation for including the Vintage group in the weekend, to increase potential revenue.

It's really isn't about saving money, its about making it or not that's it in a nutshell.
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