titanium bolt torque

Started by brendan113, April 06, 2012, 12:24:42 PM

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 About to install cut rear rotor and titanium bolts, what should torque be set to, should i use anti sieze or blue thread lock? thanks
Bike is 2003 r6


I'm thinking oem spec torque and anti sieze. But i have heard a lot of conflicting opinions about using threadlock and or using less torque becouse of the titanium.Any opinions?


anti sieze, same torque.


Thanks, I used anti sieze and oem torque and had no problems.


Something to keep in mind here. OEM torque specs assume clean, dry threads. (No anti-sieze or thread lock) These products reduce friction as the fastener is tightened so that in effect you are actually over torquing (sp?) it. With titanium fasteners, as with steel, I would be wary of stripping out the parent material as you approach the specified torque limit using anti-sieze or thread lock. It is not uncommon to reduce the torque limit by 25-50% when assembling using lubricated threads.
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