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Road America gearing R6?

Started by buellracerx, April 02, 2012, 11:56:01 PM

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getting a bone stock R6 ready to run MWSS this year, trying to decide if a Vortex 520 conversion is worthwhile. Any suggestions on gearing for Road America? expecting to be mid-pack amateur

Woofentino Pugrossi

Maybe down 2-3 teeth in the rear. Just a guess. Thats what I did with my F2 there.
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On my Suzuki 600 Im going to try front 15 and a rear 43 or 44 to see where I shift into 6th on those 3 straits.  Ill get less drive out of the turns but maybe make up for it on the straits.


On the 03 CBR 600 I used to play with there I went down 1 in the rear and she would pull almost to the HP peak in 6th on the long straights and still get off the corner well everywhere else, not sure what you would need on a R6  per se but at least a relative comparison


I have experimented with gearing on my Triumph Daytona 675 (Supersport) at Road A, and find that 16/45 usually works best for me (stock gearing is 16/47).  One thing to consider:  strong winds can have a fairly significant effect on top speed on the long straights at Road A, so if you're geared to top out very close to redline, a big wind change can put you into the limiter.
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thanks for the input guys! I think I might have an idea of what direction to take now...see you there!


Roy Makes a good point, there is also the draft to consider, it's amazing how much faster a 3-4 bike freight train goes than a solo rider


Twilkinson, he has to get close to another bike before he worries about a draft.  :lmao:


True that sidepipe, I'll just pull away early :P


I know Road America race is over but I thought about it a great deal.  On my GSXR600 I used 15x44 (same at Road Atlanta) and reached my 16000 rpms limit.  I considered a 43 rear sproket.  I should have at least tried it but didn't.  I didnt want to sacrafice drive out of the turns but almost all the passes on me was coming into T1-T5 Road America and their simular long strait at Road Atlanta T9.  just needed a little bit more engine...   An engine rebuild helped significantly at Road Atlanta later.