water wetter, safety wire, etc. available trackside

Started by Ed, February 10, 2012, 01:53:52 PM

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Just a reminder that when Ed Bargy is at the tracks, he carries a large stock of

•   Safety wire $15.00 (1lb can)
•   Red Line Water Wetter $10.00 (12oz bottle)
•   Pre-drilled drain plugs $15.00
•   (6) pack of ¼ turn Dzus type fasteners $15.00
•   The heavy duty leather hanger $8.00 
•   "Introduction To Motorcycle Roadracing " $20.00
•   "The Complete Anthology Of Motorcycle Racing Lines"  $15.00
•   Pre-drilled trackday & CCS wiring kits $25.00

Go to  www.edbargy.com  to see a complete line of merchandise available from Ed Bargy Racing LLC  at the race track or to order on-line.  :thumb: