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Race Battery sale

Started by Rick Beggs, December 07, 2011, 01:34:43 PM

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Rick Beggs

   [font=]Is your current battery getting weak and giving you trouble starting?[/font]
[font=]Think you can't afford a replacement battery, let alone a trick lightweight one?[/font]
[font=]THINK AGAIN!!![/font]

[font=]Full Spectrum Power, the industry leader in super lightweight lithium motorcycle batteries, is slashing prices through the end of the year! Not only can they be had for less than before but in some cases they end up costing LESS THAN A HEAVY OEM REPLACEMENT!!![/font]
[font=]Let's say you're riding an earlier model YZF-R6- you'd be saving about 8 pounds of weight and the cost of a Full Spectrum Power battery would be virtually the same as the OEM replacement![/font]
   [font=]Pulse 1/Genesis 1 120 Amps Was $155/$160, now only $120/$125![/font]
[font=]Pulse 2/Genesis 2 240 Amps Was $255/$260, now only $190/$200![/font]
[font=]Pulse 3/Genesis 3 360 Amps Was $355/$360, now only $265/$270! [/font]
[font=]HURRY! Offer expires when they are gone and they will be gone quickly! [/font]
   [font=]Most 600-750cc motorcycles would run great with the smallest battery, the Pulse/Genesis 1, which weighs less than 1 pound!!![/font]
[font=]Most 750cc-1400cc motorcycles would be better suited on the Pulse 2/Genesis 2, which weighs just a tad bit more at 1.5 pounds!!![/font]
[font=]For comparison, a CBR 600RR battery costs over $140 retail and weighs nearly 8 many situations a Pulse/Genesis 1 would do the trick saving you 7 pounds and about $20! What a DEAL!!!!![/font]
[font=]What's the difference between Pulse and Genesis? Pulse lines are more suited for race bikes while the Genesis batteries are of a more traditional size and shape to meet the needs of street riders.[/font]
[font=]When deciding on which battery is right for you there are other things to consider beyond street use vs race use such as colder temperatures vs warmer operating temperatures and additional electronic devices that can affect the battery and charging system- like heated gloves, nitrous solenoids, running a total loss setup for race use, etc.[/font]
[font=]Give us a call at [/font][font=](703) 433-9195[/font][font=], Tuesday thru Friday 9-6, Saturdays 9-4, and ask for Ali or Rick who will help you pick the right setup for your bike! Turn-around time is usually same day or 1 day depending on inventory levels.[/font]
[font=]Make no mistake, reducing the weight of your motorcycle by 2-3% helps everything from acceleration, braking and cornering!!! [/font]
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