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Barneys Track Day at JGP Oct. 3

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Barneys Track Day at JGP Oct. 3
« on: September 24, 2011, 02:06:37 pm »
Barney's will be hosting a track day the Monday after our CCS weekend.
First, this group has been a huge help to my racing effort. They are a fantastic organization. Great opportunity for those to come watch some racing on Saturday and/or Sunday and then ride on Monday. Racers, one more day of practice before we hit the high banks of Daytona. I will be attending and look forward to riding with everyone. Limit is set at 40 bikes, so plenty of room. Lunch is provided as stated below.

 Quote: Barney’s has partnered with Jennings GP to hold a reserved track day at Florida’s finest road racing facility.

If you own a sport bike, and you are a Barney’s customer, this ride day was designed for you!

Riding is our passion, and we look forward to sharing it with you. Experienced racers, novice sport bike riders and everyone in between will have a great time learning and improving skills. There is no better way to understand the limitations and capabilities of your machine than to take it to the track, using it in the manner for which it was designed.

Your entry will get you not only an entire day of riding, but also a lunch, pointers on how to improve your lap times, and a lifetime of memories. You must have your own sport bike (or super moto) to participate, unless one of your buddies is willing to share his or hers with you. The number of attendees is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot on the grid today!

Jennings GP, 4960 NW CR152 Jennings FL, 32053
Refer to www.jennings.com for details related to location, directions, contact info, and local accommodations.

Event 1: October 3, 2011 – Registration open now for the first 40 riders
Event 2: December 12, 2011 – Not currently open for registration.

For more information:
Call Barney's of Brandon @ 813.628.9418, visit www.barneys.net or take a ride to one of our stores located in Brandon, St Pete and Brooksville
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