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NJMP make up races??????

Started by JWZelibor, August 15, 2011, 07:11:54 AM

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sorry not to  :preachon:  but shouldnt the make up races be at summit point (just like they were last year when the heavy rain called the weekend) due to the fact that its both a Mid alantic and Alantic (so eveyone should be there) weekend vs. they make up races being scheduled for the Atl weekend only at njmp on sept 9-11 (which would give the shaft to the mid alantic guys, myself included and also the other peeps that race in the WERA series as well) NJMP is a great track and i had a blast this weekend even racing in the rain but the cost to the mid alantic guys to get there plus thier camping fees etc are pretty steep....i dont know about everyone else but i spent at least $500 just getting there and back between fuel and tolls and track fees........seemed like the make up rounds went pretty smooth at summit last year i dont understand why its different this time would really suck to miss out on those points but i cant justify spending that kind of money to do 2 of the 4 make up races i was suppose to compete in.....not trying to throw a log on the fire but the next round at summit is both a atlantic and mid alantic weekend VS NJMP being ATL only........
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were you at the end of day riders meeting? Kevin explained why running it NJMP. while i do agree with you since im going to summit anyway, he said last year it screwed the guys just running the njmp series that couldnt get to summit. cant make everyone happy cause it does suck for mid atlantic guys if they need the points and cant make that last round
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yup i was at the meeting and it seemed as no ones opinion mattered......also i dont think its fair that all the people that were tooo skurrd to race in the rain and left early get the chance to regrid and do the make up races.
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Out of the loop here since I was too skurrd to race in the rain.  What races are being made up and how does that work?

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I couldn't make it this weekend so it doesn't affect me.

Summit makes sense as its ATL and Mid-ATL, but its a packed weekend because of the TC and side cars.  I thnk we got done really late last year.  NJMP probably gets a say in this too; isn't it their race series sanctioned by CCS?


For me it doesn't effect me as I'll be at both tracks anyway.
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I am sure this post won't stay up for long but I need to call it the way I see it..
It's all about the money, thats all this organization cares about!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have it back at NJMP they know there is no way anyone is only coming to make up only those races and not do any other races that weekend
But considering the following round pretty much everyone will be there because it is both ATL/MA we already paid for that round...To add another round for anyone who is not running ATL only is way too expensive!

For the record I was there and was at the meeting and as far as I am concerned Kevin is a babbling fool!
Lazy sack of shit that doesn't want to do any more work than he has too!!
Kevin drop the EGO thing we know this is your organization but when a bunch of racers who pay your salary have input and ideas that make sense you don't even entertain them because it makes you feel like less of a man.....

We told them after the sighting lap to call the races and they contimplated it but after like 5 minutes decided to continue racing
They then cancelled the races more than half way threw but said it wasn't but everyone there agreed there were at least 4 1/2 laps completed
Riders meeting like 20 suggestions from various racers and none of them were considered
You see where I am going with this?

No sense can come from anything he said...As you already stated this weekend was an ATL/MA weekend and Summit is too
That would make the most sense but once again.....yep you got it EGO THING!!!!!!

The NJMP round is only Atl...I was there also last year and if I remember correctly there were no issues at Summit
Every weekend out that there is an issue these guys make it like this is their first time to the rodeo
Common sense never prevails in CCS!!!!
heres a simple suggestion there are 5 groups of practice and 2 rounds on Saturday
If you cut it to 1 round (as sunday so they can squeeze in the 2 hour tc) you can make up 5 races without really losing any time...
If you have to and need 10-15 more minutes shorten the lunch break...

We the CCS guys foot the bill for all the other ASRA, USGPRU, and TC weekends but we always get shafted having to wait for all their stuff to finish before we race maybe for once treat us like we deserve to be...

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Wow..... Let go of the hate.

I understand your frustration but the personal attacks are a bit much.

Kevin, like the rest of us, will not always make the right or even more common, the popular decision. But, he does have the racer's interest at heart. We are his customers after all.

Every decision has consequences. For instance, your proposed solution cuts a practice session out of my race weekend and I was not at NJMP. Just sayin'.

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I hate to say it, but the decisions to run the last 2 races at NJMP's round 3 were not made with the riders best interests at heart. The last race I was in (2nd to last) contained, Massive puddles of up to 6 inches of water, dirt streaking across the track , high winds, lightning strikes, corner workers not looking at the riders because the rain was blowing sideways into their faces. That race was not called. They ran the next one while the guys are protesting on the starting grid.
This just dosen't make sense. I call it like I see it and this was just wrong.
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There was so much water i used 3rd gear for the whole track and 4th on the straight.At one point I could not even see where turn 1 was or the brake markers.I saw another rider going to turn 1 and turned at least 20 feet to soon and almost went in the grass as they didnt see where they were.I did have fun riding in that monsoon but I was just riding not to crash and just try to cross the line.I was watching the corner workers also and they were not even watching us.
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Yes Cowboy you are correct....with every action there is always a Re-Action

As for losing a 10 minute round of practice Yes this would not be fair to everyone else but the bigger picture here is somehow someway the races need to be made up
and a very good point is it would be one less race if they had their act together and completed the race that all the riders were in and agreed to call it complete....people losing points and contingency money is a far greater problem here. And then

To make up Mid-Atlantic races at an Atlantic round is not fair....If you ran Southeast would it be fair to make up races at a Mid-West round
His quoted answer was last year they made them up in Summit and Atlantic members complained so now he will do the opposite...

No thought of a solution!!!! For the race that was called There were only a handful of racers out there I think like 6-7 Experts and Maybe the same for amateurs wouldn't be too hard to see what the majority of racers were and choose it that way but Kevin would NOT entertain that suggestion and his answer was " I am not going to do that much paperwork to figure it out"...


like i stated earlier it doesnt matter since i will be at both races anyway but could look at it this way too. if it was at the loudon round, LRRS series with atlantic and asra there is no way it would be made up at the next weekend at njmp. thats 7 hours between tracks not 3. really if they had hung around for another half hour it stopped raining but it was a radio not track condition problem for stopping. unfortunate situation that you cant win
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