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clinic/licensing at heartland park?

Started by BORGY, July 30, 2011, 08:26:37 PM

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anyone got any info on this?  who is it run through and what is the structure of the clinic?  appreciate any help, couldnt find much info on the HPT website.


mcra will be doing it, the 13th and 14th of august, should have info on thier web site


on the HPT sight or mcra? got a link maybe?

Burt Munro

Format is track walk, classroom sessions, on track sessions, written test, mock race, graduation and then eligible to buy license.
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From KCSportbikes website

MCRA in association with HPT All Level Track Days, will be running races during the August 13-14 track day event.

Time schedules will be available at the event. Event may run after 5pm each day to maintain maximum track time.
Saturday schedule will include- MCRA Racing, HPT track day groups (novice, intermediate, advanced), Novice riders clinic, Race school.
Sunday schedule will include- MCRA Racing, HPT track day groups (novice, intermediate, advanced), Race school.

Track day and novice school tickets can be purchase through Motorcycle Closeouts, Reno's Power Sports and HPT. Novice clinic will be held on Saturday only. All Level Track day, race school and races will be held on both days.

Race licencing school and race registration can be done through or register at HPT on the day of the event.
Race school price (around $175.00) includes track day and race licence. If you have not held a race licence in the past three years, you must take the race school to race.
Spotsman race is for new racers. You must take the race school to compete in the Sportsman race and you will be allowed to compete in other classes as well.
MCRA will honer race licences from other race organizations. Race fees are $65 per race. There will be a purse payout, custom trophies and aditional awards for riders racing under stjohn27racing in association with the National Guard.
Pro-riders are not excluded from this event, but may have their own grid depending on entries.

Twin sprints- each race will be run on each day. These are 25 minute timed races, except for 250 challenge (6 lap sprint)
CCS Classes:
GTO/GTU (1000s/600s) Expert and Amateur
GTL (lightweight bikes, including 250GP machines) Expert and Amatuer
SPORTSMAN all new racers and racers not licenced within the previous three years
250 challenge (250cc and smaller ultra-lightweight bikes, excluding 250GP machines)

This event is a FREE for spectators. Time permitting, there will be a track experience ride and 2-up rides available.