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White or Yellow?

Started by kc124rm, July 25, 2011, 11:13:33 PM

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Wondering what color to paint my bike?

What else would this be about? :cheers:


I like my white bike, but it's impossible to keep clean, the rubber and junk that gets kicked up is all over the place.
Not sure yellow would help that much though either...
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Actually I'm just looking for old friends from a few years back. Seeing who's still on here.

Burt Munro

Guess it depends on whether or not you're planning on doing any sandbagging.  :kicknuts:
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Oh no, not again!!!  :banghead: :ahhh:

LOL  :thumb:
Smites are a cowards way of feeling brave!   :jerkoff:
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sanbaggin is tougher than ever with all the track da...  :ahhh:
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Eric Kelcher

Yello and white poka dots of course
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And a pink helmet?
Really want to race again. I've been racing motocross the last 4 years. I still have the ugly SV. Just need new leathers.