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Turn 2 at Blackhawk

Started by cshaffer66, July 25, 2011, 11:16:06 AM

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2 things, first, anyone have an update on the riders involved?
Second, I'm sure this has been covered before, but what will it take to move that barrier back?

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Woofentino Pugrossi

No idea on how they are doing, but hope that everyone who got hurt comes out fine. I HATE seeing helicopters at the track. Hell I hate bringing bikes back to the pits without the riders with them.

As for turn 2. A lot of us have been saying that for YEARS. They moved the T2 corner station back so you can see T3 from T1 and riders can see better around it. I would like to see T2 barrier moved at least 50' back and where it comes back out of the woods angled so that the airfence would be backed like it is in T4 and not just sitting freely on the grass like they have it now. Maybe also a gravel trap that could slow riders down before they would hit anything.
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Left after the 125gp race - what happened?

Woofentino Pugrossi

We had a bad crash in T2 that needed a medivac.
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Which race?  I hope the folk(s) involved are ok, saw the airfence go flying in hte air earlier in the day as well, GTlights race.


From what i heard, Rider 1 had surgery on both knees, has a broken ankle and a broken wrist. Rider 1 is the guy who got air lifted. sooo, i consider this MUCH better news, than what was initially thought and rumored.

The other guy, Rider 2, has 3 broken ribs and a bruised lung. He was kept in the hospital overnight as well, for observation.

Wishing them both a speedy recovery, as well as all other injured racers this weekend. Wayy too many injuries.

On the same note, why is T2 corner working station never manned??

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That corner changed my life forever in 2008.  I hope some improvements are made...
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Good to hear the injuries are not life threatening.  I came through there and saw the oil lines and two bikes going straight into the wall I knew we would need a flight for life. 

I am one of the fortunate people who have crashed there and been able to walk away from it.  The only solution is to move that armco and push it way back. I love Blackhawk but that wall is the most dangerous one on any track I have been on.  How many times does a helicopter need to come before something is changed? 

I'm assuming the reason is cost.  Are there any other reasons?  The amount of money that wall was has caused in medical bills has to be staggering

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The problem may be Blackhawk's status as a wetland and the removal of trees to push the corner back.  I remember a conversation with a Blackhawk employee a few years back saying this was an issue.  Things may have changed since than.

Glad everyone is relatively ok.


I've heard things like that before, but they were able to remove all the trees on the outside(left side) of 2 and they cleaned up 1 a few years ago.  I would think they could get around that issue.  I was going to ask Tom but he was busy getting the track back in order
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Sheesh I'm really glad the injuries were not life threatening although at the time I'm sure the ambulance staff erred on the side of caution.   
Does anyone know who's bike was leaking oil & how it got onto the track?  That is really the root cause of the whole incident.  Now T2 is undoubtably the worst place to crash except maybe for the short straight up to the bus stop.
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Maybe it is time to put a bus-stop in T2 to slow the bikes down.
Seems like moving the armco is not and option.
With ever-faster machines, being slowed down is way better then injury.

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