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No exhaust

Started by Dieselboy, July 14, 2011, 08:30:23 AM

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My exhaust hanger broke in my last crash and I won't have time to replace it before this weekends race.  Any idea if they will poopoo me for running without a slip on through tech?  I may try and safety wire the stock can on, but I'm a little nervous about doing so.
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I think it would depend if the local ordinances for that specific track have a max Decibel allowance for race vehicles and who you get for a Tech Inspector. The safety wire thing probably isn't going to fly because of it being a safety issue.

Do you have the pieces that broke (or at least some of the major pieces)? Even if it's Aluminum it should be able to be welded by someone with a TIG or MIG that's set up for it - I would try and find a local welder and see what they would charge to weld the bracket back together for you. Too bad it's not a Blackhawk Farms event because I would have offered for you to come by my shop and I would have welded it for you with my TIG Welder (since I'm only about 15 minutes South of Beloit down I-90).

The other option is a new bracket from a trackside vendor, if you know of a vendor who's always there call them ahead of time and see if they can have it waiting for you at the track? Or you could have a bracket delivered overnight to the track or your Hotel (if your staying at one).  :thumb:
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Woofentino Pugrossi

Colin, something you could try is to get a piece of aluminium flat stock and make a quick fix one until you can get one you want.
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Thanks guys, the original bracket was destroyed.  I may try to make a bracket if I have some stuff laying around.  If not I'll roll it through tech without it and see what happens.  If they fail it I'll throw the stock pegs on and use that.
Colin #686
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Eric Kelcher

Go ahead and do it ahead of time, no exhaust will fail tech.
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