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Question about Going From Conti 190/60 Slick to a190/55 DOT.

Started by cMac, April 21, 2011, 03:20:35 PM

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Does anyone know the difference in Ride height btw the 2. I did a bunch of work with the bike this winter and need to get the geomtry back to where it was. If anyone has this info or knows where I can get this info, I would really appreciate it. My first day out this year will be my first race weekend and would prefer not to spend the day messing with Geometry.
Thank you



Try to check the distance with the 190 60 first,from the ground to somewhere on the tail,then when you put the 190/55 on check again and adjust the rear shock to be the same,dont know if that is the correct way,but it maybe.Somone else should know.
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