CCS at Roebling, couple pics from the weekend

Started by chaplain220, March 14, 2011, 11:12:54 AM

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For those of us who have experienced it, roadracing is not a hobby, it's a life and a reflection of how we engage the world outside the track.  A term was used at the riders meeting this past weekend at Roebling Rd, and reiterated at the awards ceremony during lunchbreak...that we are a family.  So here's some of the pics I grabbed of my "family", hope you enjoy.

Like all families we got some really fast successful types, and the red headed step child slow pokes like myself, but here we are all together, and it looked like a healthy turnout for our first race weekend of the season.

Ahhh, the tech line.  No better way  to see who's here and catch up on how they been doin over the winter, than by propping up a bike in the tech line.  This particular line provided ample time to get caught up.

The inevitable...somewhere in the paddock, no matter how many times we have seen it before, planned for it, prepared for it, braced for it...someone's gonna launch a canopy!  Makes for great background action, and always elicits that, "oooh, glad that's not us this time," response.

This pic is kinda cool.  It's part of my peeps from Daytona, several that are new CCS racers.  In this pic there are three generations of roadracers.  The far right is a champion vintage turned CCS racer, us middle aged experienced, good looking types, and then the young upcomers who heal a lot faster!  Welcome new racers Mark, Will and Ronnie.

Standing on the fence.  As a chaplain, I usually encourage peeps to make a choice one way or the other, however, in the case of roadracing, this is an integral part of the racing weekend.  The fencline is where the technical and technique are discussed in depth, where fractions of seconds are shaved from laps, where dinner is decided upon, and where all the major problems in the world are least in theory.  And every now and then we all cringe as someone slides by. 

And of course, nothing can truly explain what it feels like having to pee just before the warmup lap, then the warrior fire begins to burn as the bikes roll to a stop on the grid and you knuckle with your friend and competition next to you.  The hunker down and total game face as the two board comes up, then everything begins to slow down as the one board goes sideways and your focus narrows to one small flick of the green flag...

It was a great weekend, good to be back among family.  And If you are new to CCS roadracing, welcome to the family.


Wow! I am part of three of your pictures. I must be family, adopted but yet family. those pictires added pounds to me.
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Super Dave

I see my man Scotty in some! 

Thanks for the pics!  Weather looked good!
Super Dave


We miss you at Summit Point, Art!  Come back for Homecoming Weekend - next weekend, Memorial Day!
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