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Conti Slicks vs DOTs

Started by jfboothe, March 11, 2011, 07:45:56 AM

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I plan to do the MW Thunderbike and F40 Lightweight class this year. After reading the rule book it appears that slicks would be legal. Right? And I think I am going to try Contis this year so for the guys who may have tried both is there really any difference between the slicks and the DOTs for an old slow first year racer?


Going off memory but I think the only class that can't use slicks is Supersport


I rode the slicks in the RRR team challenge and the sprinted the ASRA classes on DOTs Sunday, both Conti.  You'll be happy either way.  I didn't do any laps when the slicks were new, but I will say they have an entire Team Challenge on them and our lap times didn't drop off the entire time.  The tires look barely worn; I'm going to run them this weekend at the WERA event most likely.  If not, they'll be good for several track days.
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I raced conti's last year slicks and dot's.I would say there is a 1 sec difference.On an SV not much difference ,but a faster bike there will be a difference.I felt that I was able to lean the bike lower,and hold a line better.You can use slicks in everything except supersport.
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