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Continental Eastern Distribution Press Release

Started by NextLevelMotorsports, March 05, 2011, 11:27:05 AM

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From a press release issued by Next Level Motorsports:
Continental Tires has finalized the trackside vendor network for the eastern United States. There will be trackside support at 100% of the races this year:

Next Level Motorsports starts their second season with Continental by taking over the distribution responsibilities and serving the Southeast regions of CCS and WERA. "As Continental continues to grow, we intend to grow with it," states Marcus Blair, owner of Next Level Motorsports. He continued, "2011 will be a big year for all of us. These are not entry level tires targeted at new racers on budget. They are competitive with anything else on the market, and the more riders that give them a try, the more of them understand that rumors are worthless and these tires are the real deal."

Mize Motors will continue service the Mid Atlantic and North Central regions. "I was a racer before I was a vendor, said Quentin. "I wouldn't sell anything to a racer he couldn't win on, and I believe Continental is capable of doing a lot of winning."

BostonMoto will continue to be the outlet for the Loudon Road Race Series and the northeastern United States. "Boston Moto is excited to continue our relationship with what we consider to be the best tire on the market that blends performance, price and durability: Continental tires. For full details regarding Continental in 2011, visit"

Continental would also like to welcome the crew from Online Paddock to the fold. They will service primarily track day events for 2011. Their website is

Continental's newest 2010 and 2011 spec tires feature a new carcass, new rubber compounds and a new construction method, which result in the best front end feel of any race tire on the market. Next Level Motorsports, Mize Motors, BostonMoto, and OnlinePaddock are the exclusive outlets for the best and newest rubber.

Marcus concluded: "Our 2008 and 2009 year tires are deeply discounted and will handily outperform any tire that can be purchased for the same price. The new tires offer the feel racers are looking for, and they will give racers the confidence to raise entry speeds and push deeper into corners than they previously thought they could. There is also sponsorship available, so if anyone is frustrated with the level of support they are getting, give the rep in your area a call. We will get you get the grip and support you need to win."

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They are great tires and I will be using them this year again.
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