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Two Track Organizations = Reciprocal Agreement

Started by Absolute, February 25, 2011, 12:40:43 PM

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Absolute Cycle Experience (ACE) and The NorthEast SportBike Association (NESBA)  are proud to announce a partnership that will provide yet another enhanced level of service for their respective members.  NESBA and ACE have entered into a reciprocal agreement to provide their members the opportunity to ride a wider variety of tracks and track dates in 2011.   

Since their inception, ACE has emulated NESBA's policies and strong commitment to intelligent and responsible riding. Although philosophically they are a strong match,  the similarities extend further. Even though NESBA is a nationwide trackday organization and ACE provides a strong regional presence in the Northeast both organizations found that they faced the same challenges of balancing what is right for the rider and what is right for the budget. Given the many similarities and the desire by both clubs to give their members greater value with their membership, NESBA and ACE worked together to form a partnership that will allow members of both clubs to cross over and ride with the other as if they were already a member.

Absolute Members will have access to the following dates with NESBA, in addition Absolute members will be provided pricing that is equivalent to the NESBA basic membership and will be provided the same cancellation rights as a NESBA Basic Membership.   
The group structures will translate accordingly. Absolute's Intro and Novice riders will be allowed to register in NESBA's Beginner group, Absolute's Advanced Group will be allowed to register in NESBA's Intermediate group and Absolute's Expert group will be allowed to register for NESBA's Advanced group.

04/30/11  Beaverun

05/01/11  Beaverun

05/23/11  NJMP

06/13/11  NJMP Thunder

09/03/11 CMP

09/04/11 CMP

09/17/11 NJMP

09/18/11 NJMP

09/24/11 Beaverun

09/25/11 Beaverun

10/16/11 NJMP

10/17/11 NJMP

NESBA members will have access to the following dates with Absolute, in addition NESBA members will be provided pricing that is equivalent to Absolute's Silver Member rate and will also be provided the same cancellation rights as an Absolute Silver Member. 

The group structures will translate accordingly.  NESBA Beginner group riders will be allowed to register in Absolute's Intro OR Novice Group, NESBA Intermediate riders will be allowed to register for Absolute's Advanced group and NESBA Advanced riders will be placed in Expert group for Absolute. 

03/13/11  NJMP

03/14/11  NJMP

05/21/11  NJMP

05/22/11  NJMP

06/05/11  NJMP

06/06/11  NJMP

06/14/11  NJMP

07/29/11  NJMP

07/30/11  NJMP

07/31/11  NJMP

08/28/11  NJMP

10/10/11  NJMP

Roy Cadoo Director of operations and owner of The Absolute Cycle Experience had this to say about the partnership "Throughout the years operational costs associated with providing track days has risen and the amount of new riders that want to take it to the track has risen as well. Despite the ever changing landscape of Trackday providers, ACE and NESBA stuck to the their founding principles that keep their participants safe. Although not always fiscally beneficial, both organizations choose these principals over profits.  This common ground led to a partnership that we are anticipating will benefit the track day enthusiast by securing the sound principals that NESBA and ACE track days were built on, and in the future we feel it will grow into an increasing beneficial alliance for the riders who participate in them." 

DJ Jackson, NESBA Director of Operations  provided this comment regarding the partnership "We are pleased that this agreement allows our members the ability to use their NESBA membership to get to the track more often.  NESBA's purpose is to get sportbikers on the track and we view this partnership with Absolute as just another way of fulfilling our mission statement.  I want to thank all the NESBA members in the New York/New Jersey area for their support of NESBA and am excited we can provide more value in their NESBA membership.  We feel as though this agreement will be well received by both organizations members and look forward to meeting all the Absolute riders at Beaverun, CMP and NJMP."

About the Northeast Sportbike Association:  The Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, formed in 1996 by sportbike enthusiasts and former racers who understand and appreciate the difference between riding fast and riding well.

Our purpose is to get sportbikers on the track – where they can ride to their fullest potential without the limitations, distractions, and hazards of the street. We operate on the premise, "Ride Fast, Ride Safe". We believe riders can and should do both ... in a structured environment, free from the free-for-all mentality of the street or the dogfight mentality of racing.  Whether you're a street rider or a racer, NESBA will help you become a more experienced, more skilled, more confident sportbiker. Grab your helmet and let's ride!

Learn more about NESBA at:

About the Absolute Cycle Experience:  Absolute Cycle formed in 2002 serving racers and track day riders with their parts, accessories, and apparel needs. In 2005 we expanded our offering as Absolute Cycle Experience was born and we headed to the track. With two retail locations in New Jersey and another opening soon in New York into 2011 Absolute has provided a place to shop for those that value shopping at a brick and mortar. Those that prefer shopping on the web can visit and with close to one million items online serving all powersport and BMX customers needs,  Absolute truly has all the bases covered.
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Interesting, I was planning on doing some NESBA dates this year anyway. Cool that I can do Absolute days as well.
CCS #119 AM