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Southeast Sales Rocks

Started by Team Spalding, February 23, 2011, 08:42:44 PM

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Team Spalding

Got the KTM back from the guys up at Southeast Sales this weekend and wholly cow did they do an awesome job race prepping and refreshing the bike. John Erdman and his staff so meticulously prepared my machine I almost cried when I saw it.

Nice job guys.

We are lucky to be on their team this year.
Joel Spalding
CCS & ASRA #36

Sponsors: Michelin, Ducati Of Indy, Wife Cindy, Held Gloves, Southeast Sales.




Yup...they're good boys...gonna be fun this year Joel...are you doing HTP...mayber we'll need two garages,we already have 6 or so and Erdmann my come and race....your bike looks really good...and sounds like it's got some pony's too!!  I heard Roebling was interesting.

JOHN 3:16

Thats great news Joel congrates
CCS Chaplain

Fast Eddy

It is awesome they have gotten into road racing. They have been a big supporter of dirt for some time.
Good shop, I have been going there for years being a local.

Very excited for this season.
Ed (AKA Dirt nap) CCS #102
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