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2011 Pit Bull Contingency-CCS/ASRA

Started by KrashBandit, January 05, 2011, 08:39:50 AM

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Just an fyi in case anyone was bored and wanting to know...I'm sending in the forms today.

CCS SS LWT NV, AM, and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd, $10-4th
CCS SS MWT NV, AM, and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd, $10-4th
CCS SS HWT NV, AM, and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd, $10-4th
CCS GTO NV, AM, and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd, $10-4th
CCS GTU NV, AM, and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd, $10-4th
CCS GTL NV, AM, and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd, $10-4th
CCS Race of Champions AM and EX: $100-1st, $50-2nd, $30-3rd, $20-4th

ASRA Superstock(1000) AM and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd
ASRA Sportbike(600) AM and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd
ASRA Thunderbike AM and EX: $50-1st, $30-2nd, $20-3rd

In a nutshell, I added GTO, GTU, and GTL classes based on racers emailing me asking for that.  We try to spread it around as much as our budget will allow...if your class is not covered, drop me an email.  If I get enough emails...I'll do my best to work it in next season.

Changes to 2011 program:

Must use 2 out of 3 products: Pit Bull Stands, Pit Bull Steering Stabilizers, Pit Bull Sprockets
(your choice which 2 out of the 3 you would like to use)

Must not apply for PSR/Powerstands Contingency or list them as a sponsor.  Doing so will cancel your eligibility for Pit Bull Contingency in any and all organizations.(your choice: support the original manufacturers or the knock-offs)

Minimum Rider Requirement: 7 riders.  We pay between 3-5 positions depending on class/race so 7 seemed like a fair number.

Donate your unused contingency certs: If you have contingency awards you don't need, contact us and donate them....we will compile them with donations from other racers and host occasional auctions on for regular AND custom items not available in our catalog.  100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Air Fence Fund.  It doesn't matter if you use your certs and have a $7 balance or if you have everything you need for the year and want to donate all that you have left.  Every little bit will be applied toward raising money for the Air Fence Fund.

That's it in a nutshell...if anyone has questions, email me: georgeh @
George @ Pit Bull
Pit Bull Motorcycle Stand -

Cowboy 6

Thanks George and to Pit Bull for stepping up!

Pit Bull Rocks !

(who uses Flowerstands anyway?)   :kicknuts:
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I forgot :ahhh:

Pit Bull will be continuing the "Top Novice" program this year which will pay the top Novice/Amateur(based on Pit Bull contingency awards) a $500 check at the end of the season.  This additional award is not limited to any one racing organization so your Pit Bull contingency earnings from CCS, WERA, CRA, etc...will all count toward your total.  Chris Birdsong won in 2010...happy hunting in 2011!
George @ Pit Bull
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