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Mid-West Banquet & Trophies (& some from GP)

Started by TrophyGal, December 23, 2010, 11:33:01 AM

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I've planned to ship to Mid-West Banquet Trophies to The Terminal in Milwaukee on January 3rd.  If you can't go, either make arrangements for a friend to pick them up for you or contact me.  I'll need to know by the day before (January 2).  Please call or email me - a post here won't get to me as fast.

In addition, the following GREAT PLAINS trophies were not claimed at that banquet & will be available for pickup. This is in addition to those I already held out per requests:

  • Ben Probst
  • Christian Schmidt
  • Daniel Christopherson
  • Greg Kotlinski
  • Jared Herbig
  • Jared Ramos
  • Jeffrey Purk
  • Josh Rom
  • Lucas Vanorder
  • Mathew Kroupa
  • Rodney Klebsch
  • Terry Wilkinson
  • William Kotinek

My phone #s:  828-684-0195 (land line) ~ 828-243-8841 (cell)