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Daytona 2011 ????

Started by gixxerzoli, November 29, 2010, 11:43:04 AM

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I just heard and want to know is it true??
There is NO Daytona in march for us CCS racers???
I missed it this year and i plannig to go in march.
If is true, after i dont even know how many years this big tradition gonna be over!
I hope that i heard its not true!!!!!!


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Gosh! I am so dissapointed now!
Daytona was one of the reason i wanted to do this whole racing circus. Now its gone.
Im speachless :(
What you guys think?


i think u can go in the fall...


Get your groove on all year and then attend in the fall.
Mark Tenn
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This is not an entirely bad thing.  Daytona - been there done that so no real reason to return - not one of my fav. tracks @ all.  CCS should have more than 27 out of state racers willing to go to Ga.  I think that it's probably a smart move although I'd like to see the opening round further west for selfish reasons.
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Hearing all the sniveling and complaints for so long, that it's too far probably didn't help, one of the worlds greatest race tracks and we, CCS were able to go twice a year.
No bigger thrill than to race there, absolutely my favorite race track.
Now down to one event in October stinks.
I sense a lack of disrespect for selfish reasons.
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Quote from: tug296 on November 30, 2010, 10:54:48 PM
one of the worlds greatest race tracks

That is your opinion.  However, I would beg to differ.

Daytona is interesting, but it is not a great motorcycle racetrack.  I wouldn't even list it as one of the best tracks in the U.S.  - Mid-Ohio, Barber, Road America, Road Atlanta are great race tracks in the U.S., Daytona, not so much...

I think your confusion is between the track and the history of the track.  The Daytona national and internatioanl races have history - going back far longer than the current track - and that history is the only reason that it is even a mildly interesting track to consider attending.  Realistically - it is not even unique, if you want a high speed track which runs on the banking of a superspeedway you can ride Pocono FUSA track in Pensylvania or TWS in Texas.  The biggest difference is that these tracks don't have the same history as Daytona.

However, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.



Yes, confusion overwhelmed me for a moment, what was I thinking?

Henry Madsen CCS Expert #396 
2004 Am. Super Twins Champion
Florida Region,  
Moto ST #96, Corvette #6, Patriot Guard Rider


Yeah! you guys are propably right!
Daytona is not the greatest track at all. So hard on the bike, so effin expensive, lotta restrictions, and the list going on and on.
BUT....also so unike and different. As soon as you get inside, his spirit catch you and it feels good.
For me /Jersey guy/ also a great oppertunity to go racing somewhere end of february when here usually snowing.
I know Homestead is there too, we have been there before but that is just too far away.
And the bikeweek also....tell me you never had fun to go out and enjoy yourself some night after races!
In october date is fine too. But usually at that time my pocket is totally empty. I really cant afford to go that time.
Well i think, i will learn living with the fact Daytona doesnt exist anymore. Times  changing,  we gonna use to it.
The new generation racers not gonna even know.
I would say Goodbye Daytona!
I will miss you!


Daytona is an expensive venue, it's easy to see that having it in the Spring of 2011 would almost be a guaranteed financial loss (possibly significant). With what would most likely not be enough entries to cover the cost of the Spring Daytona event, I applaud CCS in considering the long term financial health of the entire Racing organization by sacrificing the Spring event FOR 2011. Is that to say there will never be another Spring Daytona event? I think when the general population is instructed by the media that the economy is OK again that fair weather racers will start racing again and the Spring event would then have a chance of returning.

That's my opinion!  :thumb:
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Although 2x a year would be great, 1 x will be better than zero. I totally agree it is hardly the greatest track, but also agree about the spririt of speed being contagious as soon as you come out of the tunner driving in. I just love the place.. period. Not exactly the best test of who is the best rider all the time, but WFO in 6th gear, side by side or maybe a double draft, feeling the wind buffet ya around. INCREDIBLE .. i feel very very lucky to have done to have raced there a number of times during my time here on earth.
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