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ARMOUR BODIES SPECIAL!! Free Shipping and Dzus Fasteners

Started by Firecat, October 02, 2010, 12:26:32 PM

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FREE Shipping!!
FREE Kevlar upgrade!!
FREE Dzus Fasteners!!

As part of the fall special, every mount point and leading edge of the Pro Series Kits has a special KEVLAR reinforcement that is packaged between (not on top of) the layers of fiberglass making this bodywork tougher than any other on the Market.

If the bonus Kevlar reinforcement isn't enough to persuade you to get a new set of Armour Bodies then FREE SHIPPING should push you over the edge!!

Shipping is another $50-$100 on top of the cost for the bodywork and you can save that cash when you purchase a new set of Armour Bodies now.  This offer is for a limited time, so don't wait!

FREE Dzus Fasteners
When you buy your set of Armour Bodies from The Trackday Store we will throw in a set of Dzus Fasteners for FREE.

So with Free Upgrades, Shipping and Dzus Fasteners you can't afford to buy your Armour Bodies NOW!

Offer is good through November
Brian Blume
Hix Racing #803