A good man and roadracer has passed this day.

Started by chaplain220, September 17, 2010, 03:28:16 AM

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Though for what will become obvious reasons he was unable to compete on track this season, CCS amateur #26,(Fla region I believe), David Brichler faced some of the most intense curves in life that I have ever seen.  A debilitating skin disease combined with an aggressive cancer, literally broke open his skin and covered him with terrible tumors.  Never have I experienced such a prolonged intensity of suffering endured by a man, who neither shook his fist at God nor cursed and complained.  He was a roadracer through and through.  Dave left this world a few hours ago in the very early morning, and our Daytonasporbikes TC racing team along with some 700 local riders that he had touched, are all grieving his loss.  Immersed in pain and the frustration of a disease that was transforming his body into a living nightmare, Dave reached up his hand from the floor where I found him lying, and called out to God to save him.  Sometimes it's amazing to think that God loves us so much, that it takes a lifetime of living, trials, failures and suffering to bring us to the place where we finally toss Him the keys.  Many of you guys have lost loved ones and friends to this consuming monster called cancer, and after these past months, I am beginning to understand the pain and frustration you have faced.  His racing family stood by his side to the last, and I know he cared deeply for you guys.  You will be missed bro.   

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God bless him and his family (bike and otherwise).
Good to know you were there for him at the MOST important decision he faced. Thank God he made the right move!

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Couple pics from a roadracers farewell.  We have a great family here, never let anyone tell you that what we do is a sport, roadracing is merely an extension of the fire in our hearts and the bond we share is a tight one.  Use that fire to be a hero to someone, and make a difference.