July BHF results to MyRacing Bio? 1 day racing @ BHF

Started by SV88, August 06, 2010, 12:23:57 PM

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When can we expect to see the lap breakdowns there?  I need to establish my baseline for the R6 there to monitor improvement.

I can understand why CCS did this and for me it works out well.  If I take a day off work, I lose a lot of money.  However I thnk that the July BHF low turnout can be explained by an expensive regional race 2-3 weeks prior (Road A) and the high heat/humidity.  I suspect that the Aug. turnout will be much better particularly with the Red Flag activities.

While things are weak economically, the media does a great job in promoting panic.  Overall spending is only off 5% however it is being spent differently so people selling cars or large ticket luxury items are disproportinally affected.  The economy is recovering at a very slow pace - jobs are still being lost but they are also being created at a slightly faster rate.
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