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Moving back to Wisconsin after 12 yrs in Il

Started by SV88, June 19, 2010, 07:52:52 AM

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I'll be starting a 6 month contract to permanent job as an engineering/maintenance mgr @ US Chemical in Watertown.  Are there any racers that live around around there?  I'll be looking for a place to rent with a garage/barn so that I can work on the race bikes in the evening after spending 12 hrs in the plant - got to keep out of trouble somehow with the family back in Il.  I'll be commuting back on weekends. 

Plan on racing the 09R6 @ RA, continuing the CCS-BHF series as well as most of the remaining CMRA Big Bike Endurance (BBE) in Texas/Ok.
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I used to know folks in Watertown - been a decade or so however - welcome back (sorta hehe) and come look us up/say hi at RA, SV #172

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Claudia Ritger, CCS official, is in Watertown. She's usually in the tower, stop in and say hi!
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