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Root Canal, today, 4pm

Started by chaplain220, June 14, 2010, 11:44:21 AM

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Oh, what fun.  I think I would rather tackle the Summit T-10 tirewall again.  Funny how they laugh when the Dentist finds out we race motorcycles, but are afraid of his chair. 


Yeah, you don't get a trophy to hang on your wall!
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Dude, if you're in pain now, you will hug the dentist when you leave.

Seriously, once he numbs you up, and does the procedure, your day, week month have just improved. :)
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You know the devil in me is dying to make a comparison between root canals and a certain preachers sermons. But that just wouldn't be right, would it?


No Bill, that would not be right, and just for thinking it, "Double chapel for you next race!"  The first 4 needles were somewhat intimidating, but you were right Spyderchick, once the numb came, my day got a whole lot better! 

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Wimp !!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I will 9.5 on the sermons.
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He he he, you done been called a wimp... again!!
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